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Kaffe Fassett Extra Wide Backing

Kaffe Fassett Extra Wide Backing arrives in the store

Kaffe Fassett Quilt Backs

It is with great pleasure that we can inform you that we will now have Kaffe Fassett Extra Wide Quilt Backs in our on-line store.

Just unpacked these beautiful fabrics and they are awesome. Now there is colourful and then there is Kaffe Fassett colourful Quilt Backs.

This photo just shows the whole batch together. Open them out and they are so vibrant and beautiful.

Of course with such a prolific team of designers these fabrics are limited to got your orders in soon.

Kaffe Fassett Selection

These amazing fabrics will be appearing onto our online store on in the next 24 hours.

Pre orders could be taken by email to avoid disappointment.

Also due in in the next six weeks is our next delivery of Extra Wide Batik Fabric coming direct from Indonesia.

Our extra wide range including this delightful delivery of Kaffe Fassett fabrics will be on show next at Quilts UK in Malvern and thn the next outing is to The Festival of Quilts at the NEC.

Of course we are always open online at

Look forward to being at your service. Happy Quilting.


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