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New Year New Shows for your Quilt Backs

Extra Wide Backing Fabrics and Longarm Quilting is becoming so popular that QuiltSandwich is, in 2018 visiting more Quilt Shows than ever before.

In 2018 QuiltSandwich already has plans to visit many Quilt Shows where they will be exhibiting all of their stock of Extra Wide Backing Fabrics. In addition to this they will be advertising their Patchwork and Quilting retreats.

So 2018 :

Quilt Backs

Newark Quilt Show in January 2018

Edinburgh Quilt Show in February 2018

Harrogate Quilt Show in February 2018

Duxford Quilt Show in March 2018

Glasgow Quilt Show in March 2018

and then of course

Festival of Quilts in August 2018

Harrogate again in September 2018

Plus more, if we can squeeze them in!

So if you are looking for the largest range of extra wide Quilt Backs in the UK then you don't need to look much further than QuiltSandwich or or all of your extra wide quilt back needs.

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