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Extra Wide Quilt Backs

Why use Extra Wide Quilt Backs?

Ok, so you've been to class. You've learned a magnificent new technique from a wonderful tutor at Quiltsandwich at The Royal Bridlington. Now you've made your best ever Patchwork Top.

Extra Wide Quilt Backs

And you are ready to finish it!

But . . . .

You've made your Patchwork Top for your quilt wider than standard fabric. Indeed its 80 inches square!

So what to do?

Start all over again, pull it out and make it smaller so that you can fit it onto a standard piece of fabric? Not on your nelly after all of the hardwork of making it!

Piece two standard pieces together? Well you could. But then you end up with a joint in the middle - or at least somewhere near the middle!

Ah - heres the solution use a bed sheet as the backing! Nope, tried that before and get more bearding than on a bloke in the wild west!

Best solution - use Extra Wide Backing Fabric!

By using Extra Wide Quilt Backs which are up to 108 inches Wide you don't need to pull your hair out or your stiches.

By using Extra Wide Quilt Backs you don't need to have a pieced backing fabric for your wonderful creation Preventing any unsightly joints in the back.

By using Extra Wide Quilt Backs you are using actual Quilting Fabric. This has the perfect thread count. When you finish your quilt you will be delighted with the finish. Your beard will have gone!

Best of all you will not risk the look of horror from your longarm quilter.

So, Get a perfect Finish to your quilt - us Extra Wide Backing Fabric!


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